Facing our overloaded schedules, our society ruled by digital and increasing burn-outs, Out of State was designed to combine the physical aspects of leading detox retreats with the emotional and mental benefits of ancestral spiritual rituals. Rather than focusing on the physical aspect on its own, as some retreats do, Out of State takes a multi-disciplinary approach in order to provide one unique holistic experience.

Since 2021, Claire Thomson-Jonville, creative consultant and fashion editor, invites you to the Out of State experience, a unique tailor-made retreat focused on introspection, health, physical and mental wellness and creativity. Claire conceived Out of State with the ethos of connecting the physical aspects of the world’s most renowned detox retreats and the emotional and mental benefits of considered cultural programming and community-based events. A unique approach led by ancestral traditions and spiritual healings combined with scheduling that includes a line-up of Claire’s favourite experts from the worlds of beauty, art, fitness and nutrition.

All year round, the Out of State retreats propose unique and personalized curated programmes in leading wellness destinations around the world from Bodrum, Turkey to the Château de la Bourdaisière, in the Loire Valley. From a silent meditative experience to a high-level sports training programme, and immersive introspective initiatives, Out of State reveals itself through different iterations, always with a holistic vision of well-being and community.


Claire Thomson-Jonville is a scottish born, paris- based creative consultant and fashion editor. Throughout her career, she has envisioned innovative campaigns, editorial stories, product design and special projects with leading fashion and beauty brands that have placed women’s stories and feminine perspectives at their centre. In 2020 Claire was appointed editorial director of i-D france, following her 10 year tenure at the renowned fashion publication self service where she served as editor in chief. Claire’s reputation for discovering and nurturing talent in the worlds of fashion, music and culture, ensures her position at the forefront of fashion and popular culture, covering editorial subjects that young people care about. Claire launched CTJ Creative in 2018, a 360 agency specialised in creative consulting, digital strategy, and style direction for brands including Ralph Lauren, A.P.C and Nike. She currently resides in Paris with her two children.